Are you looking for an alternative to Hiver HQ? Are you in the market for a help desk and unsure if Hiver is the right ticketing solution for your company? Or are you looking to switch to a simpler and cheaper solution?

You’ve come to the right place.

We want to make the decision as simple as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide if Keeping™ is for you and compare our customer support tool to Hiver, including features, customer experiences, pricing etc.

Hiver HQ vs Keeping™ as an alternative

Alternative to Hiver

– Instant sharing of messages that works 100% of the time

Hiver suffers from long delay when sharing emails. At Keeping™, we synchronize emails within seconds.

– Keeping™ is easier to setup than Hiver

Hiver is complex to setup. Many of our current customers who have used Hiver in the past, are pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of  Keeping™.

And because Keeping™ works inside your current mailbox, everything you love about Gmail continues to work: search, filters, contacts etc.

– It’s cheaper than Hiver

Keeping™ costs less of what Hiver costs, as we do not charge on a per user basis. That makes us better priced for companies of all sizes.

On average our customers save over 300$ per year.

At Keeping™ we have a straightforward and affordable pricing with an Unlimited plan which is capped so that you can grow without having to worry about additional costs as you start adding agents and mailboxes.

Here are some testimonials from current customers.

Keeping™ has helped us improve response time. Everything works within the Gmail interface and their support team has been fantastic.

Keeping™ addresses the frustrations we had with Google groups and allows us to manage customer email simply and effectively. The support is great too!

Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Jan Ole Kjellesvig

Keeping™ is simple and integrates perfectly with Gmail. We use it to organize our customer and photographer support across five offices in four time zones.

Ande Hornig
Ande Hornig

We were looking for a system that my team could work from in one pane and Keeping™ was the only one that offered seamless functionality within Google Apps.

We’d love to have you onboard!

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