Ayou having difficulty trying to decide on the best help desk software for your company? Or are you searching for a better alternative to Kayako?

Your search is over.

We present to you KEEPING™ a help desk software that is easy to use, has better features, excellent customer rating, and affordable at an unbeatable price compared to Kayako. To help you decide we have compared Kayako with KEEPING™.

Keeping™ as an alternative to Kayako

– You don’t need a new tool 

KEEPING™ is compatible with your current mailbox, you don’t need to move your support channel to an external help desk system as obtainable in Kayako.

KEEPING™ has been equipped with features that enable access to your Gmail / Google Apps. It automatically arranges any Gmail/ Google App account into team configurations.

Each team can receive and handle customer support effectively from their usual email accounts without requiring an external help desk.

– No lock-in of your data 

KEEPING™ offers you an easy retrieval of saved file and messages without having to use its services.

Conversations with customers are saved in your mailbox you can retain your mails even after uninstalling the KEEPING™ software.

Whereas in Kayako your mails are held with the software memory and cannot be moved or copied.

– Less Complexity

KEEPING™ is simple to use unlike Kayako with intricate features, which are not helpful to medium scales businesses.

Kayako require special training for the new employee and can be cumbersome in setting up the account. KEEPING™  does not interfere with your mail features such as search, filters, contacts etc.

– No help desk footprint

With Kayako, replies come to customers having the software brand name on the pages ,coupled with automated , senseless case numbers and codes.

These depict an automated or robot-like response to mails, hence defeating the intimacy and relationship which is aimed at when responding to customers. But, with KEEPING™ mails are simple and no trace of help desk codes or brand names.

– Cheaper Compared To Kayako

With all these features , keeping™ helps you save $800 per year. It is a better bargain for companies of all sizes.

Kayako offer a free trial plan as bait. When you exhaust the free trial period, you will be forced to upgrade.

At this point you are trapped to pay exorbitant rates for its services. With our transparent, affordable and unlimited service plans, you can upgrade , and accommodate your teaming customer base without additional cost.

– Excellent customer service

Irrespective of the pricing plan a customer operates, we assist with their feedbacks and complaints, unlike Kayako that prefer expensive service plan customers.

We run a 24 hour customer care service, and we are always ready to assist you resolve your issues when you send us a mail or call.

Here are some testimonials from current customers.

Keeping™ has helped us improve response time. Everything works within the Gmail interface and their support team has been fantastic.

Keeping™ addresses the frustrations we had with Google groups and allows us to manage customer email simply and effectively. The support is great too!

Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Jan Ole Kjellesvig

Keeping™ is simple and integrates perfectly with Gmail. We use it to organize our customer and photographer support across five offices in four time zones.

Ande Hornig
Ande Hornig

We were looking for a system that my team could work from in one pane and Keeping™ was the only one that offered seamless functionality within Google Apps.

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