Easily assign emails to any members of your team with Keeping™.

Keeping™ adds new functionalities to mailbox and lets you assign emails directly from within your Gmail or Google App email account. This is useful if you want someone in particular to be responsible for answering a message.

Keeping™ lets you assign emails within Gmail

Keeping™ lets you assign emails to one or more members of your team.

To assign an email, click on Assign and select the team members you want to assign the message to. They will see within their own account that this messages has been assigned to them.

How to best assign emails (and tasks)

Assign emails When it comes to managing support email there are a number of ways of going about it. You will need to make decisions in regards to assigning them to the right team member, ensuring proper response, and evaluation of the work done.

The way you approach managing email tasks will very much depend on the type of business you run, and the make-up of your staff.

The first thing to think about when letting other deal with email is how you are going to assign a this particular email to them. You might decide to assign to the staff member that you feel will be best at doing the job, or you could assign a collection of tasks to different teams of employees.

There are pros and cons with each approach. If you assign emails to individuals then you are more likely to get the best person doing the job, but the problem will be that you will be completely reliant on that one person getting the task done; if they are absent or too busy then the task won’t be completed.

The other option is to assign them to multiple people; the benefit of this approach is that there is more likelihood of the job being done because more people are responsible for it.

Keeping™ lets you assign emails to one or multiple people.


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