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7 Useful Gmail Extensions To Increase Your Email Productivity

Keeping Staff | December 15th, 2021

If you spend a lot of time in your inbox, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, people spend an average of about five hours per day checking their work and personal email. In other words, people are spending about 20% of their day managing their inboxes.

Don’t let your inbox take over your life. If you’re sick of spending hours managing your emails, there are tools available that can help. Here are 10 useful Gmail extensions to increase your email productivity:


Does your team use a shared inbox to manage customer support requests? If so, the Keeping Gmail extension can drastically improve your productivity. 

Keeping turns your Gmail inbox into a help desk and customer support tool. You can use the Keeping Gmail extension to:

  • Convert customer support requests into help desk tickets that can be assigned to your team.
  • Update the status of tickets in your inbox so you can keep track of every customer support request.
  • See when someone else is working on a request so you don’t waste your time duplicating their efforts.
  • Gain access to key metrics such as the volume of incoming requests and your team’s average first response time.

Keeping is built with all of the features you need to efficiently manage customer support requests. The best part? All of these features will be available directly within your Gmail inbox.

Keeping shared notes


Anyone who communicates with clients, vendors, partners, and co-workers via email can benefit from the Boomerang Gmail extension. This extension allows you to set a “boomerang” on any email you send. The boomerang will automatically notify you if the email recipient has not responded to your email within a specified period of time. 

Once you receive this notification, you will know it’s time to follow up with your contact regarding your last email. This prevents conversations from falling through the cracks simply because you forgot to follow up. It also saves you from having to remember which emails you need to follow up on so you can focus on more important tasks.



The Todoist Gmail extension turns your inbox into an easy-to-use task management system. How does it work? All you need to do is forward an email to one of your Todoist projects to convert it into a task. The Todoist extension will automatically use the subject line as the name of the task and add the body of the email to the task comments section.

You can also assign a due date and priority level before converting the email to a task. To add this information, simply include the due date and priority level in the body of the email above the signature line. Todoist will handle the rest.


Just like Boomerang, the Gmail extension can help you remember to follow up on specific emails. Use this extension to set reminders so you never forget when you should send a follow up email to a colleague. 

But that’s not all the can do. This Gmail extension also allows you to schedule when you would like an email to be sent

For example, say you want to remember to follow up with a client on the first of the month. You can write the email now and use the extension to schedule it so it is sent on the first of the month. Now you can cross this item off of your to-do list in advance.

Simple Gmail Notes

As its name suggests, the Simple Gmail Notes is a Gmail extension that allows you to attach notes to emails in your inbox. If you choose to add a note, it will be displayed in a bright color right next to the email it references. This way, you can quickly see all of the notes you have attached to your emails when looking at your inbox. 

Some people use this extension to remind themselves to follow up on certain emails, whereas others leave notes to provide more context on an issue in case they forget in the future. Regardless of how you choose to use it, the Simple Gmail Notes can drastically improve your productivity.

Simple Gmail Notes

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus is an easy way to keep tabs on multiple Gmail accounts. Get notifications and read emails without opening Gmail. You can run it in the background to get new email alerts when you are browsing the web. When a new email arrives, simply click the icon to read and reply.

Checker Plus

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you work in sales, you’re probably used to searching the web and social media sites to learn more about your contacts. Conducting this type of research can make it easier to establish a strong relationship with a new contact, but it’s time-consuming.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension can save you time by automatically pulling all of this information directly into your Gmail inbox. This extension searches LinkedIn and other social media sites for relevant information about the people you are emailing. Then, it displays this data right in your inbox so you can reference it when communicating with your contacts.

Sales Navigator