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Manage Multiple Gmail Inboxes With Keeping

Keeping Staff | November 1st, 2021

Are you trying to juggle your customer support efforts with the rest of your work? If you’re tired of switching back and forth between inboxes to keep up with your workload, it’s time to switch to Keeping.

Keeping allows you to manage multiple Gmail inboxes within one account. It is the only tool that was designed specifically for teams that do more than provide customer support. If you’re ready to centralize emails from multiple inboxes into one account, Keeping can help!

Multiple Gmail Accounts

Why Do You Need A Tool to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts?

It’s not easy to manage multiple Gmail accounts without a third party tool like Keeping. Why? Without the right tools, you may need to log in and out of different accounts to access multiple inboxes. This is not an efficient way to monitor your inboxes or keep track of your work. 

If too many people are logging in and out of the same account, Gmail may even temporarily freeze the account, which can affect your team’s ability to respond to customer requests.

The bottom line? Gmail was not built for customer support teams, so it does not have the features your team needs to manage their work account in addition to the shared support account. For this reason, it is crucial to use a third party tool like Keeping to efficiently manage multiple Gmail accounts.

Keeping: The Best Way to Manage Multiple Email Accounts

Keeping is software that lets you and your team manage multiple email accounts together.

It is specifically designed for businesses that have multiple inboxes and that want to centralize them all into one interface. With Keeping, you can add an unlimited number of mailboxes. Adding and managing your team's access to multiple gmail inboxes is easy.

All Gmail features work: Search, your filters, email signatures, file attachments, email forwarding, history, keyboard shortcuts, and more. You will also have access to all of Keeping’s features, which were designed to make managing multiple email accounts easy as possible.

Task Assignment

How Keeping Makes Managing Multiple Email Accounts Easy 

Keeping was built with all of the features you need to manage multiple email accounts and your customer support efforts with ease, including:

  • Task Assignment: Turn every email in your shared inbox into a help desk ticket that can be assigned to other members of your team.
  • Status Updates: Keep track of each task in your inbox by updating the status to Open, Closed, or Pending.
  • Shared Notes: Communicate with your team regarding pending tasks using Keeping’s shared notes feature.
  • Response Templates: Insert responses to frequently asked questions into emails with one click of the mouse.
  • Automation: Save time by automating time-consuming, manual tasks such as prioritizing tasks, assigning tasks, and deleting spam from your team’s shared inbox.
  • Reporting: Get access to key metrics such as the volume of incoming requests and average first response time. 
  • Collision Detection: See when someone else is already responding to a task so you don’t waste your time duplicating their efforts.

Why Should You Choose Keeping Over Other Multiple Email Manager Tools?

There are many multiple email manager tools to choose from, but none that can compare to Keeping. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Keeping is invisible to your customers. Your customers won’t know you are using Keeping to manage your customer support efforts. It is completely invisible to everyone who isn’t on your team.
  • Keeping works directly within Gmail. You won’t need to switch back and forth between Gmail accounts, programs, or apps to manage multiple email inboxes. Keeping allows you to manage everything directly within your Gmail inbox.
  • We will never hold onto your data. Unlike other help desks, we won’t hold your data hostage if you choose to stop using our services. It’s your data, so it will always belong to you.

Keeping Collision Detection

More Reasons to Use Keeping to Manage Multiple Email Inboxes 

  • We provide super responsive support. You won’t ever get stuck talking to a chatbot if you need assistance. You will always speak to a real, live human on our support team. 
  • Keeping is safe and secure. Keeping is built with security and privacy as a top priority. We are hosted directly on Google's servers, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Try Keeping for free.Sign up for a 14-day free trial--no credit card required.

Keeping FAQs

Still Have Questions About How to Organize Multiple Email Accounts?

Are you still trying to figure out how to organize multiple email accounts? Let us help. Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have about Keeping. Drop us a line at

Try Keeping to Manage Multiple Emails for Free

Keeping is the simplest and most efficient way to manage multiple emails. Don’t believe us? See for yourself by starting your free trial of Keeping today. No credit card is required to sign up.

Gmail Multiple Inboxes: Frequently Asked Questions

How does Keeping work?

Connect your team's shared support account to Keeping by either a) forwarding the email to Keeping or b) using 'Login with Google'. Then, Keeping will automatically start sending copies of emails sent to this shared account to each team member’s inbox. Our Chrome Extension automatically keeps these emails out of your main inbox. You'll find them in a new folder located directly underneath your Drafts folder in your Gmail inbox. This keeps your customer support emails separate from the rest of your work.

You will need to install the Keeping toolbar from the Google Chrome store. This toolbar will give you access to all of Keeping’s features directly within your Gmail inbox.

Do I need a Gmail account to use Keeping?

Yes, Keeping works exclusively with Gmail and requires a Gmail account to work.

Does Keeping store my Gmail password?

No, Keeping does not store your Gmail password. You are required to enter your Gmail password during the sign in process. However, Keeping uses something called OAuth, which allows us to interact with Google’s servers without ever seeing or storing your Gmail password.

Can I view multiple inboxes in Gmail?

Without Keeping, you can view up to five inboxes in Gmail. However, Gmail’s multiple inbox feature was not designed with customer support teams in mind, so it is not built with the features you need to effectively manage a shared inbox. Keeping allows you to manage as many inboxes as you like.

What do multiple inboxes look like in Gmail?

Many people love Gmail because of its clean, simple design. But if you use Gmail’s multiple inbox feature, the minimalist inbox layout you are familiar with will change. Each inbox you add to your Gmail account will appear in a separate pane, which makes it difficult to stay organized, keep track of emails, and manage your workload.

What is the best way to manage multiple Gmail accounts?

Keeping is the best way to manage multiple inboxes within one Gmail account. Keeping turns every Gmail email into an assignable help desk ticket. You can use Keeping to delegate work to team members, share notes, insert templates into emails, update statuses of tasks, automate manual tasks, and much more. Thanks to Keeping, all of these features will be available within your Gmail inbox.