Month: December 2022

The Impact of Customer Service Technology

The Impact of Customer Service Technology

The customer service landscape is constantly changing, and many of these changes are driven by the development of new technologies. More is becoming possible regarding how we help customers, and improvements are coming to the experience that businesses can provide.

Assigning Tasks How to Delegate Effectively

Assigning Tasks: How to Delegate Effectively

There are certain projects that could never be completed if they weren’t broken down into individual tasks, especially those of a certain size and complexity. As soon as your team grows bigger than one or two people, you need to make use of the ability to assign tasks to achieve your goals. 

What is the Best Issue Tracking Software

What is the Best Issue Tracking Software?

You need to upgrade to the right issue tracking software to ensure your team is racing through those issues and providing an exceptional customer experience. In any busy team, there will always be issues that need to be dealt with and you require a system to streamline that process.