What is B2B Customer Service?

What is B2B Customer Service

B2B customer service is very different from B2C customer service. This is why the same tips cannot be applied to B2B and B2C customer service. Find out the 10 best practices that will improve your customer experiences.

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Build an Action Plan for Customer Service

Action plan for Customer Service

A customer service action plan includes strategies to help your service agents handle consumer interactions. A top-notch customer service action plan will have guidelines to deliver a consistent consumer experience to customers throughout their buying journey. 

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Issue Tracking Software: How to Choose in 2023

Issue Tracking Software How to Choose in 2022

In times when the customer is king, a suitable issue tracking software is a necessity. You should select one, keeping a few factors in mind since it’s essential to customer service success. Find out how to choose one, and check out some of our recommendations in this article.

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