Creating New Workflows

A workflow is a set of rules that you can apply to a mailbox (or mailboxes) that will automatically affect the assignment, priority, tag, or status of a conversation. Use workflows to save time and automate repetitive tasks.

If you have multiple workflows, they will run in order from top to bottom. Drag the workflows to order them, with the workflow you want to run last at the bottom of the list.

Setting Up a Workflow

Workflows run when a new ticket arrives into Keeping. If you are an admin for your organization, you can start creating a new workflow from your Workflow home.

  1. Click "Add Workflow" to create a new workflow

    Workflow Index

  2. Name your workflow something that will help you remember what it does, and choose which mailboxes your workflow will run on. Remember, a workflow runs when a new message arrives into one (or more) of your mailboxes. Click "Next Step" to move on.

  3. Choose the conditions that need to match to trigger your workflow. For example, you may want a workflow to run when specific words are present in the subject of your incoming support email. See our help article on workflow conditions to learn more.

    Add Condition

    You can chain together multiple conditions using "AND" and "OR" blocks by clicking the "AND" or "OR" buttons. For example, you may want to trigger a workflow only when certain words are in the subject AND it is from a specific email address.

  4. Select the Actions to apply once your Workflow is triggered. For example, you may want to assign a ticket to a specific agent. As with Conditions, you can chain together multiple actions by clicking the "AND" button. See our help center article to learn more about workflow actions.

  5. Review your workflow, and click "Activate" to set it in motion!