Plans & Limits

Agents & Mailboxes

Every Keeping subscription plan provides for a limited number of agents (users) and mailboxes. Login as the billing admin, and see the plans as listed on your account page for the specific limits of each plan.

Email Volume Limits

In order to prevent abuse of our system, each Keeping subscription plan comes with a maximum amount of email volume for your organization. This limit resets every month, and represents the total number of messages sent and received by the Keeping system.

For example, for a Keeping Mailbox with 3 agents and an active "Auto Reply", email volume would be calculated as follows for a typical cycle:

  • Incoming Email from customer: 1 email
  • Autoreply from Keeping: 1 email
  • Customer Email sent to each agent: 3 emails
  • 1 agent replies to customer: 1 email
  • Agent reply sent to other agents: 2 emails
  • Total: 8 emails counted toward total volume

Our volume limits are high enough to contain most normal usage. We'll notify you if your account starts to approach a limit.