Toolbar Basics

Your new inbox

Keeping integrates inside your Gmail account. Simply log into your Gmail account to start managing customer support. Once you have installed and logged into the Keeping Chrome Extension, you'll see a new section has been added to your Gmail, under your drafts folder on the left.

Show all open support emails

Emails sent to your shared mailbox will be filed here. Click the top level "Keeping" filter to see all of your support emails that have an "open" status.

Show all assigned support email

Click on Assigned to see support emails that have been assigned to you or someone on your team.

Show all closed support email

Clicking Closed lets you quickly access the messages you or your team have answered in the past.

Filter by mailbox

With Keeping you can support multiple products or companies by adding different mailboxes. If you have connected multiple mailboxes to keeping, you'll see them listed here. Note that you'll only be able to filter by mailbox if you have more than one mailbox connected to Keeping.

See all tickets assigned to an agent

If you would like to see all the tickets assigned to a particular agent, you can filter your view using the controls at the top of the message list.