Using Keeping with a Google Group

Inviting Keeping to Your Google Group

Keeping is fully compatible with Google Groups. Once you set up a new mailbox, you'll simply add Keeping to your Google Group. Here's how to do that.

  1. Click "Set up Forwarding" to see your Keeping Forwarding Address.

  2. Copy your forwarding address so you can add it to your Google Group.

  3. Login to your Google Group Admin page (often at and find the Google Group you want to share with Keeping. Click the "Add Members" button.

  4. Paste in your Keeping forwarding address that you copied from Step 2, and click 'Add members".

  5. Since Keeping will send copies of messages to all of your agents, choose "No Email" for each member of the Google Group. This will ensure that your agents do not receive double copies of your support mail. However, make sure the member associated with your Keeping Forwarding Email receives "Each email".

  6. Now send a test message to the email address for your Google Group. It should appear in your Keeping Inbox, and when you reply, your customer and agents will all get notified via Keeping. 🎉