Zapier is an automation platform that allows you to move information and data between your web apps automatically. For instance, when a new customer emails your support email, you can use the Keeping and Zapier integration to automatically send a message into your Slack channel. Here are some other ideas on how you might use Keeping and Zapier together:

  • When a new ticket arrives, send that customer info to your CRM (like HubSpot).
  • When an agent replies to a ticket, add a row to a Google Spreadsheet.
  • When you are @mentioned in a ticket, send a message to your phone or Slack channel.

Setting up Keeping with Zapier

Most of the setup for the Zapier integration with Keeping happens on Zapier. Here's a great guide on Zapier if you're just getting started.

  1. On your Zapier homepage, click "Create Zap"

  2. Name your zap, and search for the Keeping app on Zapier

    Zapier Start

  3. Choose an event on Keeping to trigger your automation

    Zapier choose action

  4. Back on Keeping, create and copy your Keeping API Key

    Add the Zapier integration on Keeping

    Generate your API Key

    Copy the API key to your clipboard

    Copy your API Key

  5. Back on Zapier, Sign in to Keeping using your API Key

    Sign in to Keeping

    Paste your API Key (generated on Keeping) here.

  6. Choose the mailbox and test your Trigger

    Test Trigger

  7. Finally, find the app you want to connect to Keeping, and continue from there.