Add context to any support email by attaching internal notes, directly inside Gmail. Collaborate behind the scenes with internal notes that only you and your team can see. Your internal notes is visible to you and to the rest of your team but never to the original sender.

Internal Gmail notes are great for adding:

  • Context about a particular customer or issue
  • Information received by phone
  • Instructions prior to assigning an email

How to use the Gmail notes functionality of Keeping™

After having installed and setup Keeping™, you will see a new button at the top of your inbox called “Add note”.

button for gmail note

When you click on it, a modal window opens letting you add freeform text.

internal gmail note

Your note get shared instantly with everyone in your team.

All people who have access to the specific ticket will also see the note.They can see that a note has been added when the button turns yellow.

note is active

Keeping™ lets, you add Gmail notes to support email to improve workflow further.

By providing context for particular support tickets, internal Gmail notes save you time. Gmail notes allow everyone in your team to know more about a particular case, privately.


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