AAre you looking for a service desk software that’s easy to use and affordable and that can integrate inside your current Gmail or GSuite email account? Keeping™ is exactly what you are looking for.

Keeping™ is a service desk software for Gmail

Our tool offers a better alternative to traditional service desk software We bring the features you need directly to your current inbox.

service desk software

With Keeping.com you will be able to :

  • Streamline requests from incident creation to resolution.
  • Let a group of people  collaborate on these incidents
  • Centralize knowledge with a built-in and extensible knowledge database
  • Access a suite of reports to assess how well your team performs

As mentioned, the main differentiating faction of Keeping is the fact that it integrates insides your Gmail or Google App account so that you don’t have to use an external platform to obtain service desks functionalities.

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Keeping™ is the world’s first service desk that works inside Gmail / GSuite.

A service desk software is a name given to a piece of software that can help your company deal with customer and that can also be used for internal purposes. Customers contact you when they have questions or problem.

In theory, a service desk is a physical space that’s often manned by someone from the customer support function. In reality, though, it’s just a means to reach out to someone from a company when some help is needed.

Most companies give out an email support address to their customers who can reach the company through it when they need help. The core function of a service desk is ticketing capability as it relates in an incoming flow of issues.

Once the message is received, the ticket is then routed to the right department or persons. Tickets can be linked to problems, change requests, as well as existing IT assets.

Watch this video to see how Keeping™ can help you with your service desk requirements : 


Thousands of awesome companies have already signed up

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