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How does Keeping work?

When you sign up for Keeping, you will forward the email from your shared account (usually something like support@ or help@) to Keeping's servers. Keeping then forwards a copy of every support email to your agents' work accounts. These are filed in a special Gmail folder called "Help Desk" so they stay out of your Inbox. The Keeping toolbar (installed from the Chrome store) is smart, and allows you to interact with these special Keeping emails in new ways, such as assigning them to one of your team members.

Do I need a Gmail Account to use Keeping?

Yes, Keeping works exclusively with Gmail and requires a Gmail account to work.

What does the Chrome Extension do?

When you download and install the Chrome Extension, we add new controls into your Gmail that allow you interact with your support emails like tickets. In order to use Keeping, you'll need to install the Chrome Extension, too.

Does Keeping work with Gmail on my mobile phone?

Yes! You can always see your support tickets, as email, by navigating to the "Help Desk" label in your Gmail app. You can also access your entire Keeping inbox via our mobile web interface. There, you can open, close, and assign tickets just like on the desktop.

Do I have to use the Chrome browser?

Yes, right now, Keeping requires that you use our Chrome Extension, which is only compatible with Chrome. An extension for Safari and Firefox are on our roadmap.

Which account should I sign up with?

We recommend creating an account with the Gmail account you'll use as your first agent admin, usually your work account. You can add a shared mailbox (like "support@") after you sign up.

Is Keeping secure?

Keeping is built with security and privacy as a top priority. We are hosted directly on Google's servers, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. No one can read your emails unless you give them explicit permission to do so. We undergo an annual security audit by Bishop Fox. Please contact if you'd like to see the results.

Is Keeping GDPR compliant?

You can review our extensive privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms of service, all of which aim for full GDPR compliance.

Does Keeping store my Gmail password?

No. As part of the sign in process, you provide your password to Google, and we use something called OAuth to interact with Google’s servers. Keeping does not see nor store your Gmail password, and you can revoke access to Keeping at any time.