What is the Best Email Ticketing System for Customer Support?

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Looking for simple help desk software for your customer support team? Your search is over.

Keeping turns your  Gmail inbox into help desk software. It makes organizing, managing, and resolving support requests a breeze. The best part? It works directly inside your Gmail inbox.

Simple Ticket System

How Does an Email Support Ticketing System Work?

Keeping is a flexible, user-friendly, and powerful email support ticketing software that works directly inside your Gmail inbox. 

Keeping has been designed for teams that need both ticket management and shared inbox. It lets you tackle customer requests with ease.

The Keeping email support ticketing tool keeps your business emails organized. Every customer support request is turned into a trackable support ticket that can be assigned to any member of your support team.

Our email ticketing system lets you create custom responses, use workflows, and solve customer issues from inside Gmail. It also lets you communicate confidentially within your team. Forward tickets with all their information to collaborate with team members to resolve issues more quickly.

How Do I Convert an Email into a Ticket?

By routing your support mailbox to Keeping, your customer emails get automatically turned into a new ticket. The tickets are kept neatly out of your main email inbox.  You can also convert any email in your personal inbox into a ticket with a single click.

You don't need a complicated system like Zendesk to manage your customer support.  Zendesk is built for big enterprise-sized companies who require features like an SLA, API, or multichannel support across social media.  Odds are, you can do everything you need when you use Gmail as a service desk.

Advanced Collision Detection

Watch How Keeping Works

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All of the Features You Need, None of the Features You Don’t

Keeping is an email support system that was built specifically for teams that do more than just provide customer support. It is designed to streamline your customer support efforts, including:

Task Assignment

Task Assignment

Assign incoming support requests to other members of your team with a click of the mouse. Escalation ensures your customer experience is top notch.

Status Updates

Status Updates

Change the status on requests to Open, Closed, or Pending.

Shared Notes

Shared Notes

Communicate and collaborate in real-time with your team using the private notes feature.

Collision Detection

Collision Detection

See who is working on every request so you never waste your time duplicating someone else’s efforts.

Shared Templates

Shared Templates

Save the responses to common questions (faqs) to your knowledge base as templates (aka canned responses) so your team doesn’t need to manually answer the same question over and over again.


Get access to key metrics such as the volume of incoming requests and the average first response time.



Use “if/then” logic to automate time-consuming tasks such as assigning tickets, prioritizing tasks, and deleting spam from your team’s inbox. Fully customizable for streamlining your workflow.


Get desktop notifications when a new ticket arrives so you will never miss an important customer interaction.

Shopify Integration

Third Party Integrations

Connect to all of the tools you use to run your business, including Shopify, Slack, Google Sheets, and more. This way, all of the information you need to respond to requests will be available within your Gmail inbox.

Why Should You Choose Keeping’s Support Email System?

There’s a reason why Keeping is the best email ticketing system for Gmail. More than one reason, in fact.

Keeping is invisible
Keeping is invisible to your customers.

No one will know you are using Keeping as a support email system. Your customers won’t see any help desk jargon such as “case ID” or “reply above this line.” All they will see is a friendly, professional email coming from your team’s support address.

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Access all of Keeping’s features inside Gmail.

You won’t need to log into another tool or open another program to use Keeping’s features. Keeping brings everything to you--right inside your Gmail inbox.

Your data
Your data belongs to you.

Some help desk tools will hold onto your data if you choose to stop using their services. But Keeping will never hold your data hostage. Your emails will always remain in your email accounts regardless of whether or not you continue to use Keeping.

Keeping: The Best Help Desk Ticketing Software for Small Business

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Our ticketing system for Gmail was founded in 2016.

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Over 1.6 million support emails are delivered via Keeping every month.

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Our customers love our simple pricing!

See for yourself how Keeping can help…

Keeping is the best Gmail ticketing system for teams that do more than provide customer support. Don’t take our word for it — start your free trial today. No credit card is required.

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