Use Gmail Email Templates to Streamline Your Customer Support

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Are you looking for a way to easily compose answers to repeated questions in Gmail? You can use canned responses to create a beautiful email response to common questions.

While Gmail offers the ability to create basic response templates, it lacks the functionality to share those templates with your team. There's also no way to use html or rich formatting to make your templates shine. Thanks to Keeping’s Gmail email templates, you won’t ever have to type the same email more than once.  No need to use mailchimp or other expensive service!

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How to Use Gmail Email Templates

Using Gmail's built in template functionality is easy.  In the compose window, click on the "three dot" menu and then "Templates" to bring up the template menu. Then use the current email message (or draft) as a new template and save changes.

To access the template later, use the same menu but this time choose "Insert Template" to insert the canned response of your choice.

Make sure you've enabled Response Templates in your Gmail's advanced features settings (gear icon) if you don't see the above.

Use Keeping to Share Email Templates With Your Customer Support Team

Resolving customer support requests is a team effort. That’s why Keeping automatically shares your customer support email templates with everyone on your team. This way, everyone will have access to the same templates, so your responses to frequently asked questions are consistent across the board. 

Being able to share email templates is just another way Keeping makes email more powerful and efficient for customer support professionals.  It's great for small email campaigns to your customers.

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Watch How Keeping Works

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Keeping Offers More Than Email Templates for Teams

Keeping is a help desk tool that offers far more than just email templates for teams. Some of Keeping’s many other features include:

Ticket Assignment

Ticket Assignment

Keeping turns every incoming customer support request in your Gmail inbox into an assignable help desk. Share the workload by assigning these tasks to other members of your team.

Collision Detection

Collision Detection

Keeping will tell you when someone else on your team is already working on a customer support request. This will prevent you from wasting your time on a request that has already been resolved.

Update Status

Status Updates

You won’t need to follow up with your team to get a status update on a specific task. Keep track of every task in your inbox by changing the status to Open, Closed, or Pending.

Shopify Integration

Third Party Integrations

Connect to third party tools like Shopify directly, or use Zapier to connect to Slack, Google Sheets, or your CRM software. This will ensure all of the information you need is in one place--your Gmail inbox.

Shared Notes

Shared Notes

Follow up with your team or provide more information on a specific task by using Keeping’s shared notes feature.

Automate with Workflows


Save time by eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks involved in customer support. Use “if/then” logic to automatically assign tasks, prioritize tickets, or delete spam from your team inbox.

Keeping reports


Keep an eye on how well your team is performing with Keeping’s reporting feature. You can see key metrics such as the volume of incoming requests and average first response time.

Why Should You Choose Keeping’s Email Templates for Gmail?

Countless companies rely on Keeping’s email templates for Gmail and other features to manage their customer support efforts. But why should you choose Keeping? Here are some of the many reasons:

Keeping is invisible to your customers.

Your customers will never know you are using Keeping to manage your support requests. All they will see is an email response from someone on your team sent from the support email address.

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Keeping works directly inside Gmail.

Some tools require you to log into a separate program or open a new window to access their features. However, Keeping works directly inside Gmail. Because Keeping comes to you, customers will get responses faster, and you will have one less program to keep up with.

Data belongs to you.
Your data belongs to you.

Some help desk tools hold your data hostage if you decide to stop using their services. But at Keeping, we believe that your data belongs to you. Your emails will remain in your email accounts even if you stop using Keeping.

Help is available
Help is always available.

Keeping is a user-friendly tool, but if a question arises, our support team is always available to help. Plus, you will always speak to a real, live human, not a chatbot.

Keeping is Safe
Keeping is safe and secure.

We prioritized security and privacy when building Keeping. Keeping is hosted directly on Google’s servers and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. This means no one will be able to access your emails unless you allow them to do so.

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