Are you looking for a web help desk to better support your customers. With Keeping™, we’ve created the world first web help desk that integrates within your business Gmail or Google App account.

Simply signup here and instantly improve the way you’re answering your support email and helping your customers. With Keeping™ you do not need to use an external help desk instead it brings help desk functionalities inside your current mailbox so that you do not have to move your support channel. Your customers already email you so why would you want to support them anywhere else?

Simple Web Help Desk = Keeping™ 

The importance of a Web Help Desk for your business?

A web help desk will let your team be more efficient and spend less time answering support email. It will also add a layer of collaboration to make sure everyone in your team can be involved and respond to your support email 24/7

How to implement a web help desk?

Most web help help desk force you to migrate the email you receive from your customer outside your mailbox. It makes implementing a help desk difficult and time consuming. Keeping™ take a different approach, it brings the help desk features you are after to your current mailbox. After a short setup process, new buttons and functionalities are added to your mailbox.

You can read more about why using a web help desk like Keeping™ is easier to set up than using a traditional help desk.


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