Manage customer support directly from Gmail

You live in your inbox and your customers already email you, why would you want to manage your customer support elsewhere? 

  • A helpdesk that works inside Gmail & Google App
  • Answer support inquiries as a team
  • Answer repetitive questions automatically
  • Perfect for startups and ecommerce sites


How does it work?

All the functionalities found in traditional helpdesks directly in your inbox


Install the add-on to your Gmail account

Simply install our add-on to your Gmail or Google App account and manage your support inquiries directly from the same interface your already know and use everyday.



Answer support inquiries as a team

Your  support inquires are automatically shared and synchronised across your team members. No more forwarding or cc’ing. Everyone is on the same page, all the time.


Answer repetitive questions automatically

Never type the same answer twice. Once a member of your team has answered a question, it becomes part of your response database and is suggested the next time you receive a similar question.

Declutter your inbox to finally feel Zen

Your support inquiries are automatically routed to a special folder leaving your inbox tidy. Easily process your support inquiries when you have the time, in one click.

Why use

The smarter and simpler way to manage customer support

Your business has grown and so has the number of support inquiries you receive everyday. You  currently use email to assist your customers but feel frustrated by not being able to easily collaborate with your team. You also waste time answering the same repetitive questions. You are considering moving to a traditional helpdesk but they are expensive, difficult to set up and bloated with features you will never use. is a smarter and easier way to manage your customer support directly from your Gmail inbox.

We are launching in 2014

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