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See how Keeping can save you over $2,000 a year with a shared inbox in Gmail.

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Keeping is a leader in Help Desk on G2
Asili Global

I love how easy it easy to collaborate with Keeping. Overall it is a very easy to integrate tool and very convenient and cost effective solution. It is a great tool, especially for small to medium sized businesses. The cost is very competitive.

Andrew M.
Director, Asili Global

Keeping really helps me stay on top of our most important emails from our customers! I love that we can have one account for all employees that way none of us miss a single email and we can all stay on the same page with replies.

Brooke A.
Brooke A.
Manager, Maho Shades
Keeping Analytics

Keeping is an affordable Hiver alternative for small business

If you are looking for customer support software that integrates with Gmail or Google Workspace, you have two choices: Keeping and Hiver.

Both are customer support tools that work on top of Gmail and both turn your Google Workspace into help desk software.

But because Hiver is made for large corporations and enterprises with thousands of employees, Hiver gets expensive with even a moderate sized team. We've got a full feature breakdown below so you can decide for yourself.

A Comparison

Why Choose Keeping Over Hiver?

Keeping is more affordable

If you want reporting and analytics, you should compare Keeping's Organization Plan ($15/user) with Hiver's Pro Plan ($47/user). With Hiver, you are likely paying for features you will never use.

On average, Keeping is about 70% less expensive than Hiver. And you still get all of the critical features to manage a shared mailbox.

For a 5 person team, you can expect to save nearly $2,000/year with Keeping.


Keeping is easier to use

Keeping was built from the ground up for small business. That means we've prioritized ease-of-use over lots of complicated features. Most teams are up and running with Keepng in around 15 minutes.

Hiver is really built for large enterprises that need complicated features like custom access control and an uptime SLA.

Keeping's streamlined design is optimized for small businesses.

Keeping has a dedicated web portal

While both Keeping and Hiver are built to be used inside Gmail, Keeping also has a fully-functional web portal where you can access your tickets outside of Google Workspace. With Keeping, it's your choice.

If you can't access Google Workspace for some reason, you'll always have the ability to see your shared inbox through Keeping's web portal.

Keeping's web portal gives your team a choice on how they reply to customers.


Keeping has incredible free support

Ask any of our customers and they'll all say the same thing - we offer amazing support for all of our customers. Take advantage of our free white-glove onboarding and same day support forever.

Need help getting set up? We'll jump in, usually within a few hours, to lend a hand.

Hiver charges extra for onboarding and only offers real-time support to its enterprise customers.


See Keeping in Action

Watch what Keeping can do in 3 minutes.

Batteries Included

Keeping is the Hiver alternative that has every feature you need for one low price.

Easy set up

Getting started is easy. Create a Keeping mailbox, forward your shared email address or connect with Google, and invite your team members to join. Get going in 3 minutes.

Communicate status

Know where every support email stands by marking them as Open, Closed or Pending. No more requests slipping through the cracks!

Shared notes

Easily share notes with your whole team to communicate what needs to be done or how to follow up.

Multiple mailboxes

Multiple shared G Suite inboxes? No problem! Add as many shared inboxes as you like - respond from your personal inbox without having to manage multiple logins.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting gives you the data you need to know to measure your team performance. Track first response time, volume of requests, and how each of your team member responds.

Response templates

Getting the same questions over and over again? Easily save and share canned answers across your entire team with your Knowledge Base. Insert them into your responses with one click in Gmail.

Collision detection

Avoid duplicate responses and work - Keeping prevents multiple team members from working on the same support request at the same time with advanced collision detection.

Web interface

Access your Keeping mailbox from any browser or mobile device inside OR outside of Gmail. Your team has a choice of how they use Keeping.

Ready to dive in?Start your free trial today.

Keeping is the affordable alternative to Hiver. There's no credit-card required to get started.

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Still have Questions?

How does Keeping work?
When you sign up for Keeping, you route your support email through Keeping's secure servers. Keeping then sync a copy of each of your support emails to your work account. When you reply, the message will come from your support email address.
Is Keeping secure?
Keeping is built with security and privacy as a top priority. We are hosted directly on Google's servers, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. No one can read your emails unless you give them explicit permission to do so. We've been fully audited by Bishop Fox, a leading cybersecurity firm. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like more information here.
What does the Chrome Extension do?
When you download and install the Chrome Extension, we add new controls into your Gmail that allow you interact with your support emails like tickets. In order to use Keeping, you'll need to install the Chrome Extension, too.
Does Keeping work on my mobile phone?
Yes! You have full access to Keeping and all of its features via our mobile friendly site. You can assign, prioritize, and handle a Keeping ticket from any iPhone or Android device.
Do I have to use the Chrome browser?
Yes, right now, Keeping requires that you use our Chrome Extension, which is only compatible with Chrome.
Does Keeping work with Google Groups?
Yes! Using Keeping with a Google Group is as simple as adding your unique Keeping email address to your Google Group.
Do I need a Gmail Account to use Keeping?
Yes, Keeping works exclusively with Gmail, Google Workspace, and G Suite and requires a Gmail account to work.
Can I use a Gmail Alias with Keeping?
Yes! If you use a Gmail Alias as your support or shared mailbox address, you can use a Gmail filter to selectively forward that email to your unique Keeping email address.