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You already have what you need for seamless customer support. Keeping turns your Google Workspace into a smart help desk.

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Collaboration without collisions.

Collaboration without collisions.

Adding customer support to your operation no longer means adding extra work. Keeping manages your support workflow from your Gmail. No external app required.

  • Turn a support email into a trackable ticket
  • Assign requests to team members
  • Open and close requests
  • Add private notes
  • Streamline workflows with collision detection
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Support when you need it (now).

Support when you need it (now).

Our instant setup and Gmail integration are designed for the busiest teams (we assume that’s you). There’s no complex software to configure. You’re up and running and supporting customers in minutes.

  • Set up Keeping in just minutes
  • Integrate seamlessly with your Gmail
  • Save time with automated answers and shared templates
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Data-powered helpfulness.

Data-powered helpfulness.

Detailed support metrics track your team’s performance—from average response times to inquiries per day. Get insights that help you eliminate roadblocks and resolve every ticket.

  • Track response time
  • Get insightful reporting
  • Use data to continuously improve support
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Keep calm and automate.

Keep calm and automate.

Focus on what's important and let workflows handle repetitive tasks. Automatically assign tickets, set priority and tags, or change the status based on the content of the support request.

  • Improve team efficiency
  • Respond to customers faster
  • Nothing slips through the cracks
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Keeping is a leader in Help Desk on G2

"I love how easy it easy to collaborate with Keeping. The option to see assigned emails, provide canned response templates, and have a FAQ Resource library for my team is great. It is a great tool, especially for small to medium sized businesses."- Andrew M., Director


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Keeping was designed from the ground up for teams that have other work to do besides customer support.

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