Gmail Templates

Gmail templates for faster responses

Save time and promote consistency when you reply to customers by never having to type the same email more than once. Share your Gmail templates with your team to answer your repetitive questions more quickly.

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Save time and improve efficiency with shared templates

Templates (or canned answers) are pre-written replies to commonly asked questions. Instead of writing the same email over and over again, simply select the template that you need and then add any specific details that are required.


Get on the same page

Templates are automatically shared across your team. Organize and categorize your templates with tags, then quickly insert them into your Gmail reply with a single click.

Stop duplicate work

Avoid duplicate responses and work - Keeping prevents multiple team members from working on the same support request simultaneously with advanced collision detection.


Track performance of your team

Identify areas where your team can improve by measuring their response time, resolution time, and busiest times. Use this data to make informed decisions about how to manage your team.

What Makes Us Different

Keeping is designed for teams that do more than just customer support.

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