Gmail unified inbox.
Software to manage multiple Gmail inboxes.

Gmail Unified Inbox

Keeping helps you manage multiple Gmail inboxes

Are you sharing passwords and juggling multiple shared Gmail accounts? Do you want to get better organized by centralizing all your inboxes into one account? Keeping is a unified inbox software for Gmail that can help!

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Software to manage multiple email accounts.

Keeping is trusted by over 2,000+ customers across the world

Create a unified inbox for all of your shared Gmail mailboxes

Keeping is designed for organizations that struggle with multiple shared inboxes. It will help you to stay organized, find emails quickly, and automate your email management.


Stay organized and on track

Create accountability and share the workload by assigning requests to individual team members. Keeping helps teams stay organized and on track.

Know when its done

Know where every email stands by marking them as Open, Closed, or Pending. Prioritize the important work - no more emails slipping through the cracks!


Save time with shared templates

Stop wasting time answering repetitive customer questions. With Keeping, you can easily save and share common questions and responses across your team. Then, insert them into your Gmail responses with a single click.

What Makes Us Different

Keeping is designed for teams that do more than just customer support.

Join the thousands of users that are sharing inboxes with Keeping!

Every day, 2,000+ customers trust Keeping to sync and share their mailboxes. Setup takes minutes, and there's no credit card to get started.