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How to Choose Your First Customer Support Tool

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Keeping Guide to Choosing a Customer Support Tool

Feeling lost on how to chooose your first customer support tool?

We spent weeks putting together this guide to give you all the information you need to choose a customer support tool. This is everything we've learned after helping hundreds of companies upgrade their customer support from a Google Group or shared Gmail account.

And in case you think this is just a sneaky advertisment for Keeping (the customer support tool that works inside Gmail), know that all of our competitors are given a fair shake and we'll help you understand when you should choose a tool like Zendesk.

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What does a help desk do?

A help desk is far more than a shared email inbox, and often comes with robust capabilities to help your team operate more effectively and help more customers, faster.

A help desk is designed to handle customer tickets and enable your team to collaborate behind-the-scenes. Unlike a shared Gmail account or Google Group, a help desk comes with features like a shared Knowledge Base, Automation, and Reporting and Analytics to help your team improve.


How do you know you are ready for a help desk?

Many companies get by just fine with a shared Gmail account, Google Group, or Alias for their customer support channel. But you may be ready for a customer support tool if your team is overwhelmed and not responding to customers in a timely manner.

If your team is struggling to respond to customers within one business day, it's time to think about a help desk.

If you don't know who is supposed to follow up with your customer, or you are replying multiple times to the same email, are two more clues that you are ready for help desk.

What types of customer support tools are available?

From simple shared inboxes to complex customer support platforms, there are hundreds of different tools to choose from. We break it all down for you and help you zero in on the right type of tool for your business.

This section also lays out the leaders in each space so you can narrow your search to a few tools. With hundreds of different options for customer support tools, we understand how this can feel a little overwhelming!


What are the benefits of a tool?

Are you on the fence about whether you actually need a customer support tool? Or if it's worth the cost? A customer support tool brings automation, collaboration, and analytics to your support operation.

You may not know what you are missing! Even a small team will benefit from a customer support tool or shared inbox.

Most companies go far too long with the solution that was "good enough" years ago. Learn how a customer support tool can benefit your own company.

How to evaluate and choose the right tool

Once you've decided that it's time to upgrade to a customer support tool, you'll need a framework to evaluate which tool is right for your business.

As part of that, you'll need to think about where your customer currently contacts you, how much you can afford, and what sort of features your team needs and wants.


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