How to Set Up a Help Desk Workflow

How to Set Up Help Desk Workflows

A help desk workflow is all the steps that agents must go through in order to successfully resolve customer issues. A well-functioning help desk workflow improves the productivity and efficiency of your team whilst at the same time delivering quality customer service, so everyone’s happy.

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How to Setup a Gmail Shared Inbox

Gmail Shared Inbox Guide.

Google Workspace and G Suite do not have a native shared mailbox app built into Gmail. But you can use Google Groups, delegate your mailbox, or use a tool like Keeping to share your Gmail inbox with your team.

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Why is Customer Loyalty Important?

There’s no magic formula to customer loyalty. You have to make sure being one of your customers is worthwhile, and that customers feel like they’re getting value for money. Always make sure your customer is top of mind, and loyalty will naturally follow.

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