What is First Contact Resolution?

Customer Service Glossary - First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution (or First Call Resolution) is the percentage of customer queries in the contact center that are resolved during the initial contact with the customer, without requiring the customer or agent to follow up on the issue. 

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What is a Customer Service Agent?

Customer Service Glossary - Customer Service Agent

Customer support agents are typically tasked with providing technical support to customers using software and hardware products primarily. They can be thought of as a subset of customer service, since they provide a service to your customers but are more specialized. 

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What is ITSM ?

Customer Service Glossary - ITSM

ITSM (IT Service Management) is the concept of delivering IT as a service. ITSM is responsible for the end-to-end management of designing, creating, delivering, supporting and managing IT services that enable employees to do their jobs. ITSM means continually improving IT services so they keep pace with the changing needs of the business. 

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What is First Response Time?

Customer Service Glossary - First Response Time

First Response Time (FRT) is the amount of time that elapses between when a customer first submits a ticket and your customer service agent sends a response. First Response Time does not include automated responses or messages from chatbots, or tickets that come in outside of business hours. 

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What is ITIL?

Customer Service Glossary - ITIL

In times when IT and business cannot exist without each other, understanding one of the most popular ITSM framework ITIL is key to meeting your business goals. ITIL serves important benefits and comes in many versions. However, not all parts of this framework will be suitable for you—the pivotal part is knowing what processes your business objectives need.

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