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Advanced Reports in Early Access

Keeping's new Advanced Reporting gives you deep insight into your email volume and team's performance. Measure what matters with the data you need to make sure your customers are getting top notch support.

January 24, 2022

2 mins read

We’re excited to announce that Keeping’s new Advanced Reporting feature is now in Early Access! If you’d like a sneak peek this new feature, drop us a line at support and we’ll hook up your account.  Advanced Reporting will be generally available in February.

Better Team Reports

See when your team is busiest and measure response times.  Keeping’s Advanced Reports now track how long your customer waits not only for a first reply from your agents, but also how long they wait between replies if the conversation continues.

Keeping's Team Reports Page

Individual Agent Metrics

Understand your agents’ performance by tracking how many messages they have in a pending or open status.  Also see how many tickets they’ve closed and messages they’ve sent.

Keeping agent reporting

Track Tickets by Tag

See your volume of tickets over time and filter by tag, if you like.  Keeping’s new “Active Previous Period” metric also helps uncover stale tickets with unresolved issues.

Ticket Level Reports

Join Our Early Access Program

Drop us a line at support if you’d like to join our early access program.  Advanced Reports will be available to all starting in February, 2022.

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