Are you looking for an email system that let’s you and your team respond to your support emails more efficiently? Keeping™ is a tool designed to bring email collaboration directly to your Gmail / Google App mailbox and is specifically designed for customer support.

Keeping™ is an email management software designed for customer service.

According to Wikipedia, Email management “is the specific field of communications management for managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations” but it’s not necessarily true that a business needs to wait to start receive high volume of email to start using such systems.

If a business wants to improve on how quickly and efficiently customer support emails are dealt with, such software should be used.

Watch this video to see how Keeping™ can help you with the way you handle customer support.  

Email management is about how your team can collaborate from one simple interface that keeps everyone on the same page while providing better customer service to your clients. 

The easiest way to interact with customers is via email and our solution lets your customers contact you by sending an email to your dedicated mailbox (for instance and transforms every incoming emails into tickets.

This lets all of your staff members have access to them and provide a way to responding to tickets within their current inbox.


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Keeping™ is the world’s first email management system that works inside Gmail/Google App

Our tool offers a better alternative to traditional external email management systems. We bring the features you are after directly to your current inbox.

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1. Email collaboration inside Gmail / GSuite

You and your team will be able to respond to your email inquiries together directly from within your email account.

Keeping™ brings collaboration to email meaning that all your support emails get converted into support tickets so that your support agents to either deal with them or assign them to the appropriate person.

2. Automatically answer support emails

Keeping™ automatically suggests possible responses based on previous emails you and your team answered. If no match is found, a new response can be saved and the next time a similar question is received, Keeping™ will suggest it so that you can enter it in one click, saving you time.

3. Monitor how your employees assist customers

Keeping™ lets you measure important customer support metrics so that you can improve how well you assist customers over time. For example, you can see how many support inquiries you’ve received and how quickly a certain employee has responded.

Keeping™ brings the email management features you need to better support your customers directly to your Gmail/Google inbox without forcing your support channel externally.

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Thousands of awesome companies have already signed up

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