Save time when you reply to customers by never having to type the same email more than once.

Keeping™ offers to you and your team the ability to use Gmail templates to answer all of your repetitive questions more quickly.

Keeping™ adds Gmail templates to your inbox

How to use Gmail templates with Keeping™

When you answer a new ticket, and a similar question has been answered in the past, the yellow “auto response” button lights up indicating that a Gmail template is available to use.

Button for Gmail templates lights up

Click on the button and select the canned response that is the best suited to answer the query.

Note that these auto-suggestions are based on the content of the email and on how previous emails have been answered.

How to create new Gmail templates

There are two ways to create Gmail templates.

Method #1: directly from your inbox

Type in the template you’d like to use again in the future and click on “Save Answer”. You’ll be prompted to enter a generic title for the question and to save the Gmail template.

Method #2, from the Dashboard

Log into your dashboard, and under “Manage Knowledge base”, you can write as many Gmail templates as you need. This method is preferred you want to input multiple templates in one session.

Your Gmail templates are shared automatically

All of your Gmail templates are made available to everyone in your team.

The Gmail templates offered by Keeping™ let you type less and send faster and more efficient customer support email, that follow the same tone.

Gmail templates are another example of how Keeping™ makes email more powerful customer support  professionals.


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