Any small business should consider using a small business help desk to streamline the way support emails are received and responded to.

At Keeping™ we’ve developed a small business help desk that is not only easy to use but integrates fully into the one tool you are already using: email

Your Gmail account + Keeping™ = A powerful small business help desk

Small businesses need a help desk to manage customer support. 

What Is Small Business Help desk?

Small business help desk let employees from a company to collaborate in order to support customers. Most help desks currently offered are external to email and force businesses to move their entire support channel outside of their mailbox even though customers already send out emails.

This is why we have created Keeping™: A small business help desk that is designed to streamline the issue resolution process by automating many common support activities and that is fully integrated inside your current mailbox.

Keeping™ is designed to too boost your agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using a small business help desk software like Keeping™?

Once your account is up and running (and it only takes minutes to get started), your help desk will let your team work faster and more efficiently. You’ll be able to assign email to one another, have access to reports, answer repetitive emails in one click. In other words a web help desk will let your business be more streamlined and profitable.

Having the right web help desk is only one important aspect. As a small business you should make sure your team members understand the underlying principles of providing good customer support. We have created a training guide that you can share within your company that shows the the importance of Customer Service and how to best serve your customers.


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