The 6 Best HelpSpot Alternatives in 2022

The 6 Best HelpSpot Alternatives in 2022

HelpSpot is great but has its flaws, and that’s why you might want to look at a few alternatives, that’s what we’re here with today. Keep reading to discover the best alternatives to HelpSpot.


September 8, 2022

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HelpSpot is a great email help desk software with all essential features. It has all the basic and advanced features that will help your customer support team deliver exceptional customer service.

But it has its flaws. One of the biggest problems is its user interface. Another one is the fact that there aren’t many pricing models to choose from. There’s only one based on the number of agents—which may not be the best option always.

Good news: There are other help desk solutions that solve all these problems and offer much more. And that’s what we’re here with today. Not only do we have more price flexible options, but we also have alternatives that have better features.

Ready to see some alternatives? Let’s dive right in!

An overview of HelpSpot

HelpSpot is an email help desk solution that provides customer support teams with features designed to help in delivering exceptional customer service. This tool helps your customer teams using features such as shared inbox, email templates, automatic ticketing, agent queues, and request tracking.

Businesses can also enable self-service for customers using features such as a knowledge base. HelpSpot also helps you track customer service performance with its in-built reports feature.

HelpSpot’s pricing differs based on the number of agents in your company. Each agent has access to a shared inbox and other email management tools.

Why do you need a HelpSpot alternative?

We’re here talking about HelpSpot alternatives—-but why? Why do you need HelpSpot alternatives when it’s a great service desk in itself?

HelpSpot has all the features your customer service team needs, but it has flaws. And that is why we’re listing down the alternatives. Let’s look at a few reasons why you need a HelpSpot alternative:

Messy User Interface

A review on G2 talks about HelpSpot’s user interface being too messy. With a cluttered interface, the efficiency of your support teams is affected and customer satisfaction can go down. A clean user interface ensures that team members don’t have to spend time figuring the software out. On a messy user interface, your team has a hard time navigating.

There are cheaper options available

Even though HelpSpot’s pricing is quite flexible, cheaper options are also available. Especially if you’re just starting out and are not willing to spend $19 per agent per month—which is their starting price for up to 3 agents if you’re a grown company, you may still feel that HelpSpot’s pricing is not appropriate for you, and you may need to look at some alternatives.

Fewer integrations

With Helpspot, you don’t get many integrations. Zapier is one of the options that’ll help you connect with other apps further, but we’ve seen other options that offer many more integration options. So, if you want multiple integrations, you’ll want to look at alternatives to HelpSpot.

The six best alternatives to HelpSpot in 2022

Now let’s show you the six best alternatives to HelpSpot:


The best alternative to HelpSpot is Keeping. Keeping has everything that HelpSpot does (and more), and it’s cheaper! And that’s not the only reason.

Keeping Screenshot

If you’re moving to a help desk software for the first time, your team probably uses Gmail inboxes for customer support right now. Keeping is a help desk tool that works right from your Gmail inbox. What does this mean? Your team does not have to migrate to a completely new inbox and be forced to understand a new software.

Since we operate in good ‘ole Gmail, shifting to Keeping will be a breeze—unlike Helpspot. Also needless to say that you will be saving so much more time leading to enhanced productivity of your customer support team.

At Keeping, we have multiple collaboration, management, and analysis features for your customer support needs. We have automatic ticketing, priority labels that can be assigned, and shared knowledge bases.  We can even help your team maintain service level agreements.

Since the customer service cycle does not end right after solving a query, we have inbuilt reports that help you improve your performance.

Keeping Analytics

Let’s take a look at Keeping’s key features:

Key Features

  • Collision detection to indicate that an agent working on a ticket to avoid duplication of responses.
  • Internal notes for discussions between team members, without having to forward any emails.
  • Ticket tracking is easier with the ability to label tickets as open, marked, and reviewed for later.
  • Create and share shared knowledge bases with your team members for quicker responses.


Pricing is another aspect where we have the edge over Helpspot. At Keeping, our pricing starts at $8 per agent per month when billed annually. With our organization plan, you get many more features, starting at $13 per agent per month. To get more information about our pricing, see here.


ProProfs is a leading customer service software with a reputation for being the easiest to use. This means your service teams do not have to spend time understanding and navigating through this software.


With ProProfs, your customer support teams have access to various features like live chat, survey creator, shared knowledge base, ticket labels, custom fields, and internal chat. This tool has a lower price as compared to HelpSpot but comes with all features that HelpSpot has.

Key Features

  • Parent-child ticketing wherein related tickets are automatically assembled.
  • Shared knowledge that enables self-service and reduces ticket volume.
  • Self service portal so customers can help themselves
  • Survey creator that creates surveys within minutes. These surveys can automatically be shared with customers once tickets have been closed.
  • Set priority on tickets based on the level of urgency. Use features like canned responses, automatic ticketing, and ticket assignment for collaboration among team members.


ProProfs has an interesting forever free plan that gives you up to 100 free monthly tickets. You get only one inbox with this plan. Other pricing plans are:

  • Essentials Plan: $15 per user per month (billed annually). You can adjust the pricing based on the number of users. The option of 1 to 10 users is available.
  • Premium Plan: $25 per user per month (billed annually). Just like the essentials plan, the option to change the number of users is also available here.

The above pricing is for both help desk and live chat. In case you need only one of these services, you have the option of choosing individual pricing for them.

Live Agent

LiveAgent is an all-in-one platform focused on providing all features possible for better customer communication—including customer support. While HelpSpot is just an email helpdesk software, LiveAgent would call itself multi channel support. This includes a live chat feature.


With the hybrid ticket stream, you can follow a customer’s whole problem-solving process. Your team members can quickly communicate, add files to tickets, export them into PDF or HTML formats, automate ticket assignment, and provide continuous support using LiveAgent.

Key Features

  • Multilingual language support is available. Up to 42 language options are available, including Italian, Arabic, Czech, German, Latvian and French.
  • Various agent features such as agent collision detection, agent ranking, audit logs, and automated ticket distribution.
  • Individual channel reports for each of your customer support channels. You also get department reports.


LiveAgent has a forever-free plan with features like one chat button, one email address, basic reports, and one phone number (if you use the call center feature).

The all-inclusive plan also starts at $49 per agent per month. If you’re a smaller business, other pricing plans offered by LiveAgent are:

  • Ticket Plan: $15 per agent per month.
  • Ticket + Chat: $29 per agent per month.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a popular multi-channel help desk support software with a reputation for being suitable for small businesses and startups. Having said that, it isn’t necessarily a poor choice for big businesses.


The main reason Zoho Desk made our list is due to the fact that it provides a forever free plan with up to 3 agents. Your customer service representatives may harness the power of consumer context to boost productivity, encourage self-service, and make customers happier.

Key Features

  • Using Zia, the AI-powered assistant, you can proactively lower support tickets, examine client sentiments, and identify bottlenecks.
  • Omnichannel support from one platform that lets you be present for your customers on their preferred channels.
  • Share alerts with agents and customers to keep everyone informed.
  • Make several forms and email templates to improve your first response time.
  • Integrating the company’s help desk platform with Zoho CRM and other crucial third-party applications is simple. This can really boost agent productivity.


As mentioned earlier, Zoho has a forever-free plan with up to 3 agents per month. Their Standard plan package starts at $14 per agent per month.


HappyFox is another great alternative to HelpSpot. HappyFox is a helpdesk ticketing software that lets you handle all your omnichannel requests. This software organizes and manages your tickets using queues, tags, and custom fields.

Happyfox screenshot

Like HelpSpot, collaboration features like agent collision detection, admin and agent level permissions, and internal chat are available. Your customer support team can respond more quickly with additional features like preset actions and access to a knowledge base system.

Key Features

  • Single platform for all omnichannel requests from channels like social media, SMS, Live Chat, and Email.
  • Ticket categories are based on product type, customer spending, urgency, and more.
  • Private notes to enable internal discussions for collaboration amongst your customer support teams.
  • Shared knowledge bases to promote self-help. The feature to create multilingual knowledge bases is also available.
  • AI-Powered chatbots to ensure customers get real-time answers.


HappyFox’s has many pricing options depending on your needs. You have options to choose from monthly, annually, 2-year savings plans, and a 3-year contract plan.

The monthly pricing starts at $39 per agent per month. The annual pricing starts at $29 per agent per month.

The 2-year savings plan and the 3-year contract start at $26 per agent per month and $27 per agent per month, respectively.

If you’re a bigger company, another pricing option is $1499/month for unlimited agents and $1,149/month for a 2-year savings plan.


The final HelpSpot alternative on our list is Kayako. Thanks to Kayako, your customer support teams can provide great customer assistance in various languages via live chat, Email, Facebook, and Twitter. With the help of Kayako, you can see a complete picture of your customer’s journey, view their prior support interactions, and tailor your assistance accordingly.


With its shared knowledge base feature, you can create an easy-to-search collection of self-help articles, FAQs, and videos. Kayako also has a messenger service that helps you provide real-time customer service. Lately, your customer support efforts can stay on target with SLAs and in-built customer service reports.

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Key Features

  • 40+ languages are available that help in expanding the horizon of your customer service efforts.
  •  A chat is shown on Kayako’s SingleView dashboard with the customer’s data, interactions, and activities.
  • Many features for collaboration, including prefabricated responses, assignment rules, private notes, and agent collision protection.
  • Zapier, Salesforce, and Developer Docs integrations are available.


Kayako has a pricing model based on the number of agents you have. What’s interesting is that there are no pricing options; there’s only one pricing option that starts at $60 per agent per month.

Since there’s only one pricing model, all features are unlocked with it. The features include advanced workflow customization, an internal help center, and knowledge base, custom security policies, customer performance reports, and more.


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