What are the HappyFox alternatives for support teams

What is the Best HappyFox Alternative for Support Teams?

Companies who are in the market for help desk software should consider all their options before committing to a single tool. We’ve brought together the best HappyFox alternatives to help you decide which software is right for you. 

catherine heath

Last updated: August 16, 2022

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Every customer support team needs the right tools in place in order to be able to help their customers. When your number of incoming support requests starts to grow, so does your need for feature-rich software that can help you handle an increasing number of customers. HappyFox is one such help desk tool that is popular with companies looking to upgrade their support operations. 

Companies who are in the market for help desk software should consider all their options before committing to a single tool. We’ve brought together the best HappyFox alternatives to help you decide which software is right for you. 

When you choose the right help desk tool, you’ll find customer satisfaction is increased and it’s easier for your service teams to support customers. You can enhance your team performance without hiring more agents and achieve better ticket management. 

What is HappyFox?

When using HappyFox, you have access to a unified platform that can handle all your omnichannel requests. You can convert email, phone calls, chat, social media, and web requests into tickets and keep them organized, assigned to the right team member who is equipped to handle the request. HappyFox is great for teams who use lots of channels to interact with their customers. 

A complete help desk, inside Gmail?
Keeping turns your Gmail into a fully featured help desk. It's not magic, but it feels magical.

Happyfox screenshot

HappyFox’s ticketing system is built on best practices and contains a large number of features, including ticket categories, private notes for collaboration, ticket templates to pre-fill tickets properties including custom fields, and canned actions which enable your agents to send out templated responses to common queries. 

The advantage of HappyFox is it is more than just help desk software. It includes internal knowledge base software that allows you to build a resource for your agents to share information. In addition, HappyFox supports an external knowledge base for customers that provides them with a self-service resource. A further self-service feature of HappyFox is an AI-powered chatbot that can answer your customers’ most common queries. 

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HappyFox offers powerful automations that removes the need to manually handle basic support functions. You can define your own trigger conditions to make sure no change or event is missed. Intelligently routing algorithms can assign tickets to the correct agent, significantly speeding up your workflows. 

HappyFox pricing starts at $26 per agent per month. 

Now, we’ll move on to the HappyFox alternatives out there. 


It’s a fact that HappyFox may have too much functionality for your growing team. Perhaps you’re already using Gmail to answer your customer support requests, and you simply want to upgrade your Gmail account to make it more adept at handling a large number of customer queries. This is where a customer service platform like Keeping really shines as a HappyFox alternative. 

Keeping Screenshot

Keeping is the easiest way to share an inbox in Gmail resulting in better team collaboration. It’s perfect if you want incredibly simple customer support software that’s fast to set up and requires virtually no training time. Keeping’s simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks important features of a help desk tool. 

Keeping allows every member of your team to receive, respond to and assign support emails straight from their own mailbox, and thus provide faster customer service. All your support emails are segregated in a new section of your mailbox, so you can view them separately from your regular emails. 

You can prevent duplicate responses and work through collision detection – multiple team members can’t work on the same support request at the same time. This makes it much easier for your agents to manage their work. Requests can be assigned to individual team members so everyone knows what they’re working on. 

Every support email can be tracked by marking them as Open, Closed or Pending, which stops your requests from slipping through the cracks. Keeping integrates directly with Shopify so you can view your customer information without ever leaving Gmail. Take advantage of robust analytics that helps you track first response time, volume of requests, and how each of your team members responds.

Keeping pricing starts at $8 per agent per month. 

Help Scout

Help Scout is a shared inbox, help center, and live chat software. It’s intended to help your team to easily manage customer communications. The big advantage of Help Scout is that it offers multi-channel communication, allowing you to manage email, live chat, and phone conversations — all from a single mailbox. You can assign emails to both individuals and teams, and send teammates private notes so you can collaborate on requests without disturbing the customer. 


Saved replies create a searchable library of answers to commonly asked questions. Help Scout’s help center provides instant answers to customers, resulting in better knowledge management. Answer FAQs and decrease customer email requests by surfacing relevant knowledge base articles directly within the Beacon help widget on your website or app. Your knowledge base can be customized to make it part of your company’s brand. 

You can build better customer relationships with Messages in Help Scout. Messages allow you to promote new initiatives, update customers on important events, and proactively support those who need it. Messages allow you to be proactive with your customers and level up the support you provide. 

Help Scout pricing starts at $20 per agent per month. 


It’s very likely that you’ve heard of Zendesk. Zendesk is a popular help desk solution for large customer service teams with lots of customers to support. They make customer service better by supporting them through text, mobile, phone, email, live chat, and social media. Zendesk’s selling point is offering conversational, personalized customer support that is highly convenient for your customers, so it’s simple for them to get the answers they need. Customers can contact you on any channel and you manage customer conversations all within the Zendesk interface. 


The advantage of Zendesk is that customers’ conversations are always connected, so they can switch channels and still receive the same experience. In addition to this, you can build an integrated help center and community forum, allowing customers to fix their issues at their leisure and easing the burden on your agents.

Automation and AI-powered bots provide vital context that guarantees customers never have to repeat themselves. Answer Bot works alongside your customer support team to help customers using Artificial Intelligence, stepping in when your agents are busy. Answer Bot can solve low-priority tickets, and if an agent is required, the bot hands all customer context to the agent.

Zendesk pricing starts at $47 per agent per month. 


ProProfs is customer support software that enables you to manage all your emails in one place using their shared inbox. In addition to this, you can increase agent productivity with automation, enhance performance with reports, and provide multi-channel support. ProProfs offers a suite of software that integrates together so you can offer a fully-rounded support experience, including live chat and knowledge base. 


Shared inboxes allow you to track and organize customer support tickets on a single dashboard, meaning you never skip a ticket. You can customize the availability of your agents and use it to work out the first response time of your staff, allowing for easier reporting. Stay on top of related tickets by breaking down parent tickets into a group of child tickets that can be handled by different agents or teams. 

ProProfs offers advanced team management by allowing you to create teams and define their roles. Within your teams, assign roles including Admin, Manager, and Staff to agents, and set their permissions for the help desk. Collaboration is supported through adding private notes to tickets that are shown only to agents handling on a particular ticket, and so is cooperation with other agents through internal chat. 

ProProfs pricing starts at $10 per agent per month. 


Kayako provides a comprehensive help desk experience combined with a fully customizable knowledge base that’s available 24/7, even if your team isn’t. Kayako makes its mark by offering thorough customer support with a self-service offering. Kayako supports live chat, email and social media, offering an omnichannel customer experience. 


Kayako’s help desk software is bundled in with innate functionality that facilitates customer support teams to effectively handle requests that arrive through any channel. This allows you to improve customer support, and keep conversations personal as you scale. You can help customers through live chat, instantly supporting customers 24 hours a day as they browse your website or app. 

Kayako offers an integrated view of the entire customer journey. Your customer service team is made aware of every interaction a customer has completed and gains an understanding of the problems they are struggling with even before they reach out for support. Kayako SingleView™ provides all the context your team needs to provide a personal and connected customer experience, including purchases, knowledge base views, and previous conversations.

Kayako pricing starts at $60 per agent per month. 


Freshdesk is customer service software providing helpdesk support with intelligent automations to finish work more quickly. Freshdesk offers the capabilities of collaborative ticketing and AI to enable your support team to create the best customer experience. Agents can prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents, making it easier to manage customer tickets overall. You can filter tickets on the basis of specific properties so that the highest priority tickets that agents should focus on are at the forefront of your inbox.


Canned responses allow you to save replies to common questions and send them to customers with just a few clicks. Collision detection shows you who else is viewing or replying to the ticket, preventing duplicate responses being sent to customers. Merge tickets about the same topics into one to tidy up your inbox. 

Freshdesk supports working more collaboratively on tickets to streamline your workflow. Split tickets with several tasks into sub-tickets that are grouped together, and enable multiple teams to work on them at the same time. On the flip side, link and keep track of tickets related to similar issues, and issue bulk updates to customers all at once.

Freshdesk pricing starts at $0 per agent per month. 

Wrapping up

Whatever your needs, it’s worth considering the options for help desk software before committing to one solution. Being able to continue using your Gmail inbox is a strong incentive to choose a tool such as Keeping, since it means you don’t have to undergo the hassle of learning a new tool and you can quickly start providing exceptional customer support. 

Keeping offers advanced functionality all for a very reasonable price, enabling it to meet your customer support needs. You can take your email support to the next level and support a growing customer service team. In comparison to HappyFox, Keeping focuses on one thing and one thing only – elevating your email support to handle a large customer base with a seamless team of agents working cooperatively. 

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