How to Remove Google Meet from Gmail

How to Remove the Google Meet Widget from Gmail

Google recently added a widget to Gmail that lets users easily access a Google Meet. Unfortunately, this can hide your labels and your Keeping Toolbar, especially if you are on a "short" screen. Here's how to remove the Google Meet widget from Gmail.

May 29, 2020

2 mins read

Removing Google Meet from your Gmail

Google has added a new option in your main Gmail settings to hide the Google Meet widget. This is rolling out slowly across every Gmail account, but many users should be able to access it now. If your Keeping Sidebar is being pushed off the screen, then this is an easy fix.

1. Click on the “gear” icon in the upper right of your Gmail.

Remove Google Meet

2. Navigate to the last item in the settings, labeled “Chat and Meet”

Remove Meet Widget 2

3. For the “Meet” option, choose “Hide the Meet section in the main menu

Remove Google Meet 3

4. Click Save and you are done!

Remove Google Meet 4

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