Turn Your Gmail Into A Help Desk With Keeping’s Gmail Support Ticket System

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Does your team use a shared Gmail inbox for customer support? Gmail isn’t designed with the features you need to effectively manage customer support requests. But this doesn’t mean you need to download an external Gmail support ticket system app to get the help you need.

You already have what you need for seamless customer support. Keeping gives you the power to add help desk features to any Gmail account. Here’s how to collaborate on customer support, right inside Gmail.

Simple Ticket System

Simple Ticket System for Customer Support Requests

We decided to develop Keeping out of frustration with existing help desks that were far too complex for most businesses. We invented a different approach to managing customer support that works directly inside of Gmail.

Adding customer support to your operation no longer means adding extra work. Keeping is a simple trouble ticket system that manages your support workflow from your Gmail inbox. No external app required.

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Everything You Need for Customer Support Ticket Management

Some help desk tools are built with dozens of unnecessary features that overcomplicate things. Keeping, on the other hand, is designed with all of the features you need for customer support ticket management, and none of the features you don’t.

Multiple Inboxes
Multiple Inboxes

Do you share multiple inboxes with other members of your team? No problem! Add as many shared inboxes as you like - respond from your personal inbox without having to manage multiple logins.

Task Assignment
Task Assignment

Managing customer support requests on your own is challenging. Share the workload by using Keeping to assign requests to individual team members. Keeping can convert every email in your Gmail inbox into an assignable help desk ticket so you can quickly and easily delegate tasks to other members of your team.

Task Statuses
Task Statuses

Keep track of the status of every support email in your Gmail inbox by marking them as Open, Closed, or Pending. This ensures nothing falls through the cracks and prevents resolved issues from clogging up your inbox.

Collision Detection
Collision Detection

Don’t waste your time responding to a customer support request that has already been resolved. Keeping is designed with a collision detection feature that will tell you if someone has already resolved or is actively resolving a customer support request. This way, you won’t waste your time duplicating their efforts.


Managing customer support requests involves a number of manual, repetitive tasks. Keeping allows you to save your team time by automating these time-consuming tasks. You can use “if/then” logic to automate task assignment, task prioritization, and the removal of spam and promotional emails from your shared inbox.


See how well your team is managing your customer support requests by pulling custom reports in Keeping. You will have access to important metrics such as the volume of incoming customer support requests and the first response time. Analyze these metrics to make sure your team is exceeding your company’s customer service standards.

Shared Notes
Shared Notes

Your team needs to be able to communicate and collaborate in order to successfully resolve customer support requests. That’s why Keeping is designed with a feature that allows your team to easily share notes with one another. Use these notes to communicate what needs to be done, follow up on a task, or provide background information on a specific customer support request.

Shared Templates
Shared Templates

Is your team manually typing out responses to the same questions over and over again? Save them time by creating response templates that can be inserted into emails with one click. This is a great way to minimize the time your team spends responding to frequently asked questions.

Why Keeping is the Best Email Ticketing System for Gmail

There’s a reason why Keeping is the best email ticketing system for Gmail. More than one reason, in fact.

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It’s invisible to your customers.

Unlike traditional help desks, Keeping is invisible to your customers. They won’t know you’re using our tool to manage your customer support requests. When someone on your team responds to a customer request, all the customer will see is a friendly email. They won’t see confusing help desk jargon like “case IDs” or “reply above this line.” The response will come from your support email address, so your team’s work email addresses will remain private.

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It works directly inside Gmail.

Your team won’t need to learn how to use a new tool in order to use Keeping to manage customer support requests. Keeping works directly inside Gmail, which is where your team spends a good chunk of their day anyways. They already know how to use Gmail, so they already know how to use Keeping, too. You won’t need to log into another program to manage your shared inbox. Because Keeping comes to you, customers get responses faster, and you have one less inbox to keep up with.

It's your data
It’s your data, not ours.

Some traditional help desks "hold you hostage" by not letting you have access to past emails if you stop using their service. But we understand that your data belongs to YOU. If you sign up with Keeping, all of your emails will always remain in your email accounts even if you decide to stop using our services.

Keeping: The Original Ticketing System for Gmail

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Our ticketing system for Gmail was founded in 2016.

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Over 1.6 million support emails are delivered via Keeping every month.

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We love our customers — and they love us!

See for yourself how Keeping can help…

Keeping is the best Gmail ticketing system for teams that do more than provide customer support. Don’t take our word for it — start your free trial today. No credit card is required.

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