Month: October 2022

10 Customer Service Apps for 2023

10 Customer Service Apps for 2023

You can simplify your customer service processes with the help of the right customer service app. These apps will help you respond faster, send reminders of pending support requests, and automate a few mundane tasks.

14 Surprising Email Productivity Tips

14 Surprising Email Productivity Tips

Customer support executives spend too much time in their email inbox. If not managed properly it could lead to time wastage and inefficiency in customer support. Email productivity is what will help you sort and manage emails better—leading to better customer support experiences as well. 

Help Desk Tips

16 Help Desk Tips You Need To Read

When you’re aware of what needs to be done to make the best of a help desk software, only then your agents can be productive and your customer service levels can go up. Read these help desk tips to deliver excellent customer service using your help desk.

Triaging Tickets How To Create a Triage Workflow

Triaging Tickets: How To Create a Triage Workflow

As your business grows, so does the number of support tickets. While it’s a good thing managing too many tickets can be chaotic. With ticket triaging, you can save time and provide excellent customer service. Prepare your own workflow and keep a mix of human and AI for the perfect triage system.

Glossary - Incident Management

What is Incident Management?

Incident management is a process of ITSM that focuses on restoring the functioning of your organization’s services to normal service operation. It is the role of the IT service desk to manage incidents which could be anything from a computer with malware to an outage of the organization’s internet.