How to Choose Customer Support Software

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Understanding when its time to choose software to a help desk is a complicated decision. Here's how you know it's time to upgrade from "regular old email" to more organized customer support software.

Anyone who’s started a small business knows only too well just how hard it can be, and one of the most difficult parts is determining when to implement new systems and software. It’s not easy finding the perfect balance between costly purchases and overworked employees.

With any business, efficiency, productivity, and how your customers perceive you are right at the top of the list, and customer support software is directly related to how well you’re perceived by your customers.

And, until such time as you’re ready to add new employees, customer support software is one of the most effective ways of improving efficiency and increasing productivity. Fortunately, this software is not very costly, particularly as we have cloud-based (SaaS) software options.

Once you’ve implemented the right software for your business, not only will you see a quick return on your investment, but both your employees and customers will thank you.

If you are looking for simple customer support software that will help you and your team become better organized, you should try Keeping.  

Keeping is the worlds first help desk that integrates inside your current email account.

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Main reasons to use a customer support software

Below we’ve put together the main reasons why implementing a customer support software can help your business grow, and how you’ll know it’s time to do so.

You lose track of your customer's emails because they are stuck in the individual accounts of your employees.

Email is one of the greatest advances in communication and it’s a brilliant tool for both personal and business use, but email can get really cluttered. Your customer communications can easily fall through the cracks if email is your main method of receiving customer’s complaints, requests, and even orders. And think about the poor customer who makes contact a second time, but gets a different agent! The second agent is forced to go through the whole scenario once again simply because their history is on someone else’s email. Certainly not the way to win happy customers!

With Keeping, native email integration will be included in your customer support software, meaning that when a customer emails you for support, it will be added to your ticket database so all agents have access to it.

You have no relationship with your customers

Many businesses, both large and small, have lack of visibility at customer level. The business forgets to manage relationships with its customers and gets caught up in handling one-off situations. Remember that a relationship is not a one-off phone call or email: all businesses must keep a close eye on patterns and common issues in order to provide their valued customers with great customer service.

Your team is stressed

Customer service representatives who are attempting to handle your customers’ requests and problems using manual or outdated systems naturally become very frustrated, and we know that frustrated and overwhelmed employees are not productive employees. Happy service agents mean happy customers, so why not     provide your customer service agents with the right tools to create happy customers by providing them with easy access to customer history, automation of tickets, and self-service; thus reducing the number of simple requests that occupy so much of your agents’ time. A Customer Support software will make your employees’ positions so much easier.

Your customers are not "happy" customers

Have you noticed negative reviews on social media, and/or do you hear whispers of dissatisfaction from your customer service personnel? Perhaps you can’t work out why you’re experiencing a decline in customer retention? Your customers will let you know they’re unhappy, but they won’t necessarily come right out and say it: it will be said by word-of-mouth, or by their lack of spending. Customers want their issues to be fixed as quickly as possible and with little or no effort on their part.

The right customer support software for your business will help your team serve your customers quickly and more efficiently, and you’ll automatically know when customers are showing signs of dissatisfaction.

Keeping is a leader in Help Desk on G2

"Keeping is a simple but robust ticketing system. Our HR department uses this system and it works am amazingly well for them to keep organized and on top of pressing issues. The system is great but their support is top notch as well. Extremely responsive, helpful and knowledgeable."

- Rachel G., HR Administrator


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Keeping was designed from the ground up for teams that have other work to do besides customer support.

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Easy Setup

Easy Setup

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Why Other Companies Choose Keeping


Invisible To Your Customers

Unlike traditional help desks, we stay invisible to your customers. All they see is a friendly email with no help desk jargon like ‘case ids’, ‘reply above this line’ etc. And when you or one of your teammates replies, it will come from your support email address, keeping your work email address private.


Who Needs Another Inbox to Manage?

Other tools force you to login to their website and (surprise!) give you ANOTHER inbox to manage. Keeping integrates directly inside Gmail where you already spend a good chunk of your day. Because Keeping comes to you, customers get responses faster, and you have one less inbox to keep up with.


We Never Hold Your Data "Hostage"

Unlike traditional help desks, we have no lock-in and all of your emails will always remain in your email accounts even if you decide to stop using Keeping. Traditional help desks, on the other hand, "hold you hostage" by not letting you have access to past conversations if you stop using their service.

Why Now’s The Time To Try Keeping

Super Responsive Support

Help is free and you’ll always get a real, live human faster than you can say “Wow, that was crazy fast and super helpful.”

Safe and Secure

Keeping is built with security and privacy as a top priority. We are hosted directly on Google's servers, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

14-Day Trial

Keeping is free to try for 14 Days, no credit card required.

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