Do you need a shared mailbox to assist your customers? Keeping™ is a tool designed just for that. It integrates within your current Gmail or G Suite account and lets you share a mailbox with members of your team.

Keeping™ adds collaboration to email with shared mailboxes

Shared mailboxes let your team answered support email together. 

For excellent customer service, your entire team should be involved. Keeping™ lets everyone in your team receive, respond to and assign support emails directly from within their own mailbox.

All support emails get organised in a new section of your mailbox and are separated from your regular emails.

Keeping™ lets you turn your Gmail / G Suite account into a shared mailbox built for teams.

Collaborate on customer support, sales, hiring, and more as a team. Even if your team only has 2 people.

Keeping™ also lets you assign tickets to other team members so that everyone knows which support email they’re responsible for and nothing is left unanswered.

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