Why Keeping?

Keeping is designed for teams that do more than just customer support.

Unlike some other tools, Keeping is designed to integrate within your existing workflow inside Gmail. Keeping is the customer support tool for the rest of us. If you are busy juggling important customer requests with the rest of your job, then read on, because we built Keeping for you.


Invisible To Your Customers

Unlike traditional help desks, we stay invisible to your customers. All they see is a friendly email with no help desk jargon like ‘case ids’, ‘reply above this line’ etc. And when you or one of your teammates replies, it will come from your support email address, keeping your work email address private.


Keeping is Easier to Use

If you are upgrading from a Google Group or shared email account, you probably don't need an overly complicated customer service platform. Keeping is the easiest help desk tool to use because it's built into Gmail. See how Keeping compares to Help Scout, Front, Hiver, or Zendesk.


Who Needs Another Inbox to Manage?

Other tools force you to login to their website and (surprise!) give you ANOTHER inbox to manage. Keeping integrates directly inside Gmail where you already spend a good chunk of your day. Because Keeping comes to you, customers get responses faster, and you have one less inbox to keep up with.


We Never Hold Your Data "Hostage"

Unlike traditional help desks, we have no lock-in and all of your emails will always remain in your email accounts even if you decide to stop using Keeping. Traditional help desks, on the other hand, "hold you hostage" by not letting you have access to past conversations if you stop using their service.


Your Team Will Actually Use It

If you know how to send an email in Gmail, then you already know how to use Keeping. Through our Chrome extension, we provide some extra features on top of Gmail that are intuitive and easy-to-use. There's no complicated onboarding and most teams are up in running in less than an hour.

See for Yourself

Keeping is the fastest, simplest way to keep doing what you’re already doing, better.

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