Google Groups are a great addition to Gmail but may not suit your needs. This is one of the reasons we have developed Keeping™. To offer a viable alternative to Google Groups.  Many of our customers were unhappy with the way Groups handle email collaboration.

In this article we’ll compare Google Groups with Keeping™ 

We want to make your decision as simple as possible so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide if Keeping™ is for you and how it compares to Google Groups including features, customer experiences etc.

But first, what is Keeping™?

Keeping™ is a ticketing system that integrates with Gmail/Google App. It lets your team collaborate and save time and can be setup as a viable replacement to Groups.

Keeping™ as an alternative to Google Group

– Everyone is on the same page

The #1 reason our customers decide to switch to Keeping™ and stop using Groups is to make sure everyone has access to every messages exchanged.

With Groups email sent to your group email address get dispatched to everyone in your team but when a team member replies his or her response will not get shared with the rest of the team. 

Multiple people can end up replying to the same message and it become a mess to track who responded to,m especially if you use groups as a ticketing solution.

Groups are sufficient to broadcast emails (i.e if you use Groups as a distribution list) but are not ideal if you need people to collaborate.

– You can assign messages from your inbox


With Google Groups you cannot assign messages from your current inbox. You must login to the Group dashboard.  With Keeping™ everyone in your team can assign emails to one another directly from their mailbox. 

– You can add internal notes

internal notes to collaborate

Groups do not offer you the possibility to add private notes to individual emails.  With Keeping™ you can collaborate behind the scenes with internal notes that only you and your team can see. 

– Keeping™ is easier to use than Google Groups

Setting up Google Groups is unfortunately not as user friendly as you’d imagine. This is because Groups was originally a service that provided discussion  for people sharing common interests (it used ot be called Deja News).

Keeping™ on the other hand has been designed solely as a business collaboration tool and has no redundant legacy features. Setting up Keeping™ is simpler and only takes minutes! 

– Useful reports

Groups do not offer reports other than volume related ones (number of messages sent and received etc..).

Keeping™ lets you measure important metrics that are important for customer success such as how long it takes you to answer support emails and who in your team performs the best.  

These are only a few of the reasons why Keeping™ may be more suited to your need and also encourage you to  have a look at our full list of features.

And finally here are some testimonials from current customers: 

Keeping™ has helped us improve response time. Everything works within the Gmail interface and their support team has been fantastic.

Keeping™ addresses the frustrations we had with Google groups and allows us to manage customer email simply and effectively. The support is great too!

Jan Ole Kjellesvig
Jan Ole Kjellesvig

Keeping™ is simple and integrates perfectly with Gmail. We use it to organize our customer and photographer support across five offices in four time zones.

Ande Hornig
Ande Hornig

We were looking for a system that my team could work from in one pane and Keeping™ was the only one that offered seamless functionality within Google Apps.

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