Looking for an alternative to Google Groups?

Keeping is an Alternative to Using Google Groups for a Shared Inbox

Google Groups are a great addition to Gmail but are not suited to managing customer support.  Many of our customers use Keeping as a replacement for an inbox that is being shared with Google Groups.

See How Keeping Is Different

Use Keeping Instead of Google Groups for Customer Support

The #1 reason our customers decide to switch to Keeping from Google Groups is to make sure everyone has access to every messages exchanged.

With Groups email sent to your group email address get dispatched to everyone in your team but when a team member replies his or her response will not get shared with the rest of the team. 

Multiple people can end up replying to the same message and it become a mess to track who responded, especially if you use groups as a ticketing solution.

Groups are sufficient to broadcast emails (i.e if you use Groups as a distribution list) but are not ideal if you need people to collaborate.

If you are using a Google Group as your support address, it's easy to transition to Keeping. Simply add your unique Keeping email address to the Google Group, or switch your group to an alias and you are set!

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Keeping was designed from the ground up for teams that have other work to do besides customer support.

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Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Get going in 3 minutes - create a Keeping Mailbox, forward your shared email address, and invite your team.

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Why Other Companies Choose Keeping


Invisible To Your Customers

Unlike traditional help desks, we stay invisible to your customers. All they see is a friendly email with no help desk jargon like ‘case ids’, ‘reply above this line’ etc. And when you or one of your teammates replies, it will come from your support email address, keeping your work email address private.


Who Needs Another Inbox to Manage?

Other tools force you to login to their website and (surprise!) give you ANOTHER inbox to manage. Keeping integrates directly inside Gmail where you already spend a good chunk of your day. Because Keeping comes to you, customers get responses faster, and you have one less inbox to keep up with.


We Never Hold Your Data "Hostage"

Unlike traditional help desks, we have no lock-in and all of your emails will always remain in your email accounts even if you decide to stop using Keeping. Traditional help desks, on the other hand, "hold you hostage" by not letting you have access to past conversations if you stop using their service.

Why Now’s The Time To Try Keeping

Super Responsive Support

Help is free and you’ll always get a real, live human faster than you can say “Wow, that was crazy fast and super helpful.”

Safe and Secure

Keeping is built with security and privacy as a top priority. We are hosted directly on Google's servers, and all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

30-Day Trial

Keeping is free to try for 30 Days, no credit card required.

Still Have Questions?

Have more questions about whether Keeping is the right solution for your business? The Keeping Support Team is here to answer any questions that you might have. Drop us a line at support@keeping.com.

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