The Customer Service Guide
Best Practices for 2017

How to turn customer service into your secret weapon!

Customer service can become your most profitable business strategy.

If you deliver poor service, even if you charge low prices you will loose customers. But when you deliver better than average customer service you will not only retain customers for longer, but will be able to charge more.

This free guide provides you with the customer service best practices you can apply to your business.

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Customer service guide


Why should Customer support be your Secret Weapon

The most profitable strategy for any business is to provide great customer service.

According to an American Express Survey, customers are willing to spend 14% more for great service.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to make a sale that we end up short-changing the customer when it comes to service, or perhaps the limited service we do provide is not the great customer service we intended to offer.

When this does occur you automatically know you’ve made a mistake, but you may not be aware of is just how much of a serious mistake this actually is.

Great customer service can turn a one-time buyer into a lifetime customer: that’s how much is at stake.

4 reasons why customer service should be your priority

It’s what people remember! Not only do they remember; it’s also what they talk about. And they talk about it regardless of whether the service they received was really terrible (customer lost) or if it was great customer service (customer retained).

No sane business owner would choose to have their customers complaining about the service they received whilst doing business with you. So, why do customers vividly remember the customer service they receive? It’s because they’re not only looking at your products; they’re interacting with you or someone representing your company, and if your company is not represented in a positive way the customer will leave feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with not only your company, but possibly their purchase as well. You’ll receive negative press, plus you lose a customer. And let’s not forget all the people your unhappy customer will talk to regarding your business. You lose more than just one unhappy customer – you also lose many potential new customers.

Every individual aspect of your company reflects on all other aspects of your company. It stands to reasons that people will assume your good customer service flows on to your products as well. And this works in reverse: bad customer service, or no customer service, leaves people assuming that your products are bad too. This flows on to every aspect of your business: from returns, services, shipping, and so on. This might not in fact be the case, but as a business owner you must be aware that this is how your business will be perceived by your customers. In reality, who would want to patronize a place of business where you receive bad customer service? No-one, of course, because as customers we need assurance that if we should have any issues with our purchase we know we’ll be able to continue dealing with your business in a positive manner and receive the help we ask for.
Customers are human, and they need to know you actually care about them. When you’re courteous and take care of your customers they feel reassured and safe doing business with you. And you shouldn’t need to fake this behaviour. Remember that without customers you have no business and you sell no products or services, so why not treat your customer with the respect they deserve? Of course the greatest benefit of providing your customers with friendly and courteous service is that, not only will you retain this person as customer, but there’s every reason to believe that they will refer their family, friends, and acquaintances straight in the front door of your business.
When it comes to marketing your business, there’s no better angle than advertising your great customer service. Be very proud of your amazing customer service and it can only bring in more and more customers. It’s what we, as consumers, need to hear from you: that we’ll receive second-to-none top-quality customer service. Ask for reviews and testimonials from your customers, because this extra effort on your part will really pay off.

We either fail to provide great customer service and lose our customer, or we provide customer service that’s way superior to that of our competitors, and we reap the ongoing benefits by keeping that customer, sometimes for life.

Good customer service is not just important: it’s absolutely vital to the success of your business.

For small businesses, great customer service can be your very own secret weapon!

In the next sections you’ll learn how you can easily implement the best customer service practices into your day-to-day activities.