Do you need a powerful email ticketing system that you can integrate inside your current mailbox? Keeping™ is designed to organize your email support channel.

Your Gmail account + Keeping™ = A powerful email ticketing system

Why use a ticketing system for support?

Organize all incoming customer  emails and manage them in a centralized, feature-rich email ticketing system.

Keeping™ has been designed for teams that need a ticketing system and collaborative inbox.

The Keeping™ email ticketing system keeps your business emails organized. Messages that your customers send out are turned into trackable support tickets that anyone in your team can access and respond to.

Perform email ticketing actions like reply, change status assign etc. so that you never have to individually sit and update multiple tickets.

Our email ticketing system lets you to create custom responses, send updates and alert the customer when their issue has been resolved. It also lets you communicate confidentially within your team. Forward tickets with all their information to collaborate with  team members to resolve issues more quickly.

See a list of all the features if our email ticketing system here.

Keeping™ is a flexible, powerful and customizable ticketing platform that integrates insides your current mailbox. 

A ticketing system for customer support

A ticketing system for customer support

A ticketing system lets teams deal with customer communications in a single view, all within your workflow. When customer reaches out again, your agent will automatically have access to everything about that customer, including when they last requested support, what the issue was, how it was resolved, from within their regular email interface.

A ticketing system enables your team leader to collect recurring customer support data such as what questions get emails more often and who in a team answers these tickets the fastest, so that data which can be used to improve a company’s support.

A ticketing system allows better visibility into the big picture of a support team. So if a specific complain keeps being raised, the support team will know of the issue and take the necessary actions.


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